Getting the Best Deal on Local Movers

Make a List of Local Moving Service Providers

Moving is stressful but if you’ve made the choice to hire a mover and pay for the service, then with a little bit of research you should guarantee a hassle free relocation. Hiring the right movers may seem very stressful, but very simply just pick up the list of licensed moving companies from the local licensing body like the cpuc or dot. When you have a list of local service providers to gather quotes from, go online, and using your regular strategy for spotting the best fit, reserve a reputable brand. Finalize your order by making sure to receive a valid form of confirmation. There are many service providers who might look reasonably capable of completing a moving task and heavily promote their services; however, when asked to display proper licensing and documentation they fail to prove their capacity.

How To Spot The Best Deal

At OneShotMove Moving Company we always tell our clients “The best price is the lowest all inclusive hourly rate with a reputable mover.”

  ….why is that you may ask?

It is no secret that moving companies are interested in increasing their profits from any given order… so when a company gives a flat price for a completed order the estimate is always done using a buffer to ensure large company profits. So for instance if the estimator knows that the job should be complete in about eight to ten hours, they will often produce an estimate for twelve to fourteen hours. Much like a hedge fund the classic model for pricing a move has been modeled so that clients are always losing.

….so how is OneShotMove any different?

Every moving quote generated includes a detailed description along with pricing so that you have a clear understanding of what you'll be paying. Unlike the experience of calling a moving company for a quote only to have it change when you call back in five minutes, our standard pricing generator ensures that you will always receive the same great deal.

How to find the best movers in Los Angeles